Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have to say that chicks are totally cute. That said, it doesn't last long and they turn into old hens too soon but at least then they lay eggs.

Last week I had to get my brother over to help. A predator of some sort has been getting in the barn and has dispatched and eaten 3 chickens. We made a new hatch and repaired any loose boards in the barn. My brother then set out traps so we can have wildlife control relocate the culprit if we catch it. Of course once identified we will search the woods behind the barn for any young.

Last week I was at Anderson Farm Supply and Mr Anderson told me that many people are having issues with predators this summer. Perhaps it is due to the really mild winter we just had.

So today Mr. Anderson called. A package arrived and I had to go pick it up. Yep, we have some new chicks here!

The Package
Here Are the New Chicks!
The 16 new chicks in a bigger box.
When they are big enough they will meet the older chickens in the barn.
I think Keiko is annoyed that the chicks are in a closed room...

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