Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Feline Jeopardy

I don't think any of my cats would "Ace" Feline Jeopardy but here's what it might look like if they were contestants:

I see our contestants have yet to select from "The Vet" category...
Tasha, you have control of the board.

Let’s go with “Famous Felines” for 800, Alex.
Answer: The most celebrated “Perma-Kitten” on the internet. Keiko:
Who is Land Shamu?
No, that is not correct.
Tahsa or Fiona?... Fiona:
Who is Bub?
More specific…
Who is Lil Bub?
Yes. Sorry Keiko, Land Shamu is only known on Catster - not the entire internet.

Fiona, you control the board.

OK, Treats of the World for 400.
Answer: The Daily Double.

Fiona, you’re leading Tasha by $400.
Let’s make this a True Daily Double Alex.

OK, for $3200… Claiming to be the “Original Smart Treat” and coming in 6 flavors including catnip, they are the treats said to improve dental health.
What are “Greenies”
That is correct!

Let’s try Indoor Prey for 800.
Answer: Attracted to artificial light, this flying insect is most easily captured when inside the lampshade… Keiko:
What is a moth?
Yes and that gets you back in the game. Go again...

Let's go with The Nip Tuck for 1000.
Answer: This company's Nip claims to be grown in North America to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced. Keiko:
What is Cosmic Catnip.
Yes, you know your nip. Getting high on the nip can even make listening to the human's Grateful Dead albums tolerable. Select again...

OK, Canned Cuisine for 600 Alex.
Answer: Typically sealed in tiny cans, this supermarket favorite comes in appetizing varieties such as Elegant Medleys and Gravy Lovers. Fiona:
What is Food food?
Um, judges? Sorry, we need the brand name of the food, not what your human calls it…Tasha:
What is Fancy Feast?
Yes and you will control the board when we get back from the break.