Friday, July 6, 2012


Perhaps it is the result of a mild winter but the chipmunk population in my back yard has grown exponentially. Of course with plenty of fallen bird seed from my feeders they have an abundant food source.

Last year I only saw a couple of them scurrying about. Now all I have to do is look out a window or go outside for a moment and I am sure to see one of the spry little stripped squirrels darting about.

Determined to capture an image of one, I took my camera and sat out near my Brome bird feeders. As expected I didn’t need to wait very long before a fine chipmunk appeared.

After feeding for a while on the discarded seeds from my backyard birds the little chipmunk did something I haven’t seen; it sat around and rested as it observed the activity around my habitat providing me with ample photo opportunities.

Eventually, the chipmunk scurried off and I went back indoors satisfied that I successfully added chipmunk photos to my “backyard portfolio”.

The Chipmunk Just "Hanging Out"

Scratching an Itch

Munching on Some Bird Seed

Alert and Preparing to Leave

Posing for the Camera
I Have No Idea What It Has

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